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Glossary of Plant Anatomy

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xylem [PO:0005352; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of vascular tissue (PO:0009015) that has as part one or more tracheary elements (PO:0000290).

xylem fiber cell [PO:0000274; plant anatomy term ]
A fiber cell (PO:0025407) that is part of a portion of xylem (PO:0005352) tissue.

xylem pole pericycle cell [PO:0000064; plant anatomy term ]
A pericycle cell that is adjacent to the protoxylem of a vascular bundle.

xylem sap [PO:0025539; plant anatomy term ]
A plant sap (PO:0025538) that is an aqueous solution which may contain mineral elements, nutrients, and plant hormones, and is transported from the root system (PO:0025025) toward the leaves through the tracheary elements (PO:0000290) of the xylem.

xylem vessel [PO:0025417; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of xylem (PO:0005352) tissue that has as parts a tube-like series of vessel members (PO:0002003), the common walls of which have perforations.

xylem vessel member [PO:0002003; plant anatomy term ]
A tracheary element (PO:0000290) that is part of a xylem vessel (PO:0025417) and has as parts perforation plates.