(help) Users must submit their requests by visiting the link on the GitHub website by clicking on the 'New Issue' button. An ontology editor will evaluate the request and will respond within 2-3 business days. Anonymous submission are not allowed. Therefore, please register with the Github website, followed by login and submission of request. Suggestions are sought from the community on the following aspects of Plant Ontology:
  • new ontology term(s)
  • synonyms
  • update term definition
  • missing term-term relationships
  • correcting term-term relation(s)
  • new database cross references
  • new/updated annotations
    • The PO project uses a GitHub issue tracker to keep track of all new term requests as well as requests for changes to existing terms. This tracker not only lets us be more responsive to the needs of our users, but also provides valuable documentation about when and why changes were made to the Plant Ontology. The PO curators also use the same request tracker.