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Download the Plant Ontology or the Annotation Database

Plant Ontology Download

Beginning with Version #14 (January 2011), the Plant Ontology has been merged from two separate files (po_anatomy and po_temporal) into a single file called 'plant_ontology'. We recommend that all users switch to the single, merged file.

The below files are for version #21 from October 2015. For the current release please see

If you need current versions of the po_anatomy.obo and po_temporal.obo files, please contact us.


Accessing the Plant Ontology using GitHub repository (recommended for advanced users)

Download individual association files from the SVN

  • association files can be selected, and downloaded from this list.
    Note: avoid using any association files in folders labeled "Test", as these are under development.

Database Dump Download

  • The latest MySQL dump files, as well as previous versions are available here.
    • If you would like to integrate dynamic, searchable Plant Ontology term data into your applications, please consider using our web services.