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Glossary of Plant Anatomy

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obturator [PO:0020029; plant anatomy term ]
An outgrowth of the funicle, that forms a bridge between the micropyle and other tissues.

oil gland [PO:0005669; plant anatomy term ]
A gland or a cavity lined with cells that secrete oils.

ordinary companion cell [PO:0025459; plant anatomy term ]
A companion cell (PO:0000400) that lacks cell wall invaginations and has few or no plasmodesmata connecting it to adjacent mesophyll cells.

organ lamina [PO:0025513; plant anatomy term ]
A lamina (PO:0025060) that is part of a plant organ (PO:0009008).

organ margin [PO:0025005; plant anatomy term ]
A cardinal organ part that is the edge of an organ and the area immediately internally adjacent to it.

organogenic callus [PO:0006090; plant anatomy term ]
A cultured plant callus that is capable of forming plant organs.

outer integument [PO:0020023; plant anatomy term ]
One of the two layers of tissue that usually cover the ovule, contiguous to the inner integument and usually involved in forming the micropyle at the apex.

outer integument epidermis [PO:0006045; plant anatomy term ]
The epidermis of the outer integument in an ovule.

outer vascular cambium [PO:0004522; plant anatomy term ]
Cambium at the outer margin of the xylem cylinder.

ovary epidermis [PO:0006063; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of epidermis that is part of an ovary.

ovary locule [PO:0025266; plant anatomy term ]
A locule that is a cavity in an ovary.

ovary placenta [PO:0020001; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of placenta tissue that is part of an ovary and to which ovules are attached.

ovary replum [PO:0025272; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of ovary placenta tissue that divides an ovary into two or more chambers and develops from contact of the placental tissue from opposite sides of the ovary early in gynoecium development.

ovary septum [PO:0025262; plant anatomy term ]
A septum that divides a multilocular ovary.

ovary wall [PO:0005022; plant anatomy term ]
A wall of an ovary that is composed of abaxial (outer) and adaxial (inner) epidermis and a middle layer, composed of mesophyll cells and a distinct subepidermal adaxial cell layer (as found in Arabidopsis).

ovule primordium [PO:0000018; plant anatomy term ]
A floral structure primordium (PO:0025477) that is committed to the development of an ovule (PO:0020003).

ovuliferous scale ovule [PO:0025491; plant anatomy term ]
A plant ovule (PO:0020006) that is part of an ovuliferous scale (add).