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Glossary of Plant Anatomy

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heartwood [PO:0004512; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of secondary xylem (PO:0005848) that lacks living secondary xylem parenchyma cells (PO:0004525).

helobial endosperm [PO:0006017; plant anatomy term ]
An endosperm in which the first karyokinetic event is accompanied by the formation of a horizontal wall which divides the central cell into unequal regions. The larger one is the micropylar chamber in which cytokinesis does not occur and the smaller one is the chalazal chamber.

higher order leaf vein [PO:0008023; plant anatomy term ]
A leaf lamina vein (PO:0020138) arising from a quaternary (PO:0008022) or other higher order leaf vein.

hilum [PO:0020063; plant anatomy term ]
A cardinal part of multi-tissue plant structure (PO:0025498) that is a scar on a seed (PO:0009010) at the place where it was attached to a funicle (PO:0020006).

hilum groove [PO:0004719; plant anatomy term ]
A canal (PO:0025132) that is a longitudinal groove in the testa through a prominent hilum (PO:0020063) of a seed (PO:0009010).

hydathode [PO:0005660; plant anatomy term ]
A cardinal organ part that releases water through a hydathode pore.

hydathode pore [PO:0025322; plant anatomy term ]
A plant anatomical space that is an opening in a hydathode.

hydroid [PO:0025032; plant anatomy term ]
A native plant cell (PO:0025606) that is dead at maturity, lacks specialized wall thickenings or lignin, and has tapered ends that are thin and partially hydrolyzed.

hydrome [PO:0030047; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of plant tissue (PO:0009007) that has as parts hydroid (PO:0025032) cells and cells of no other types.

hypanthium [PO:0009065; plant anatomy term ]
A cup- or tube-shaped cardinal organ part, bearing perianth and stamens on its rim, so these arise above the base, and often above the top, of the ovary.

hyperphyll [PO:0020044; plant anatomy term ]
The unifacial terete apical portion of a monocot cotyledon, sometimes also visible on other leaves.

hypocotyl [PO:0020100; plant anatomy term ]
A stem internode (PO:0020142) below the cotyledonary node (PO:0025321) and transitional to a root (PO:0009005) of a plant embryo (PO:0009009) or a seedling (PO:0000003).

hypocotyl endodermis [PO:0006065; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of endodermis (PO:0000252) that is part of a hypocotyl (PO:0020100).

hypocotyl epidermis [PO:0005013; plant anatomy term ]
The outermost primary cell layer of the hypocotyl.

hypocotyl vascular system [PO:0008015; plant anatomy term ]
Vascular system of the hypocotyl.

hypocotyl-root junction [PO:0004724; plant anatomy term ]
A cardinal organ part (PO:0025001) that is the part of a plant axis (PO:0025004) where a radicle (PO:0020031) joins a hypocotyl (PO:0020100).

hypodermis [PO:0005051; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of ground tissue (PO:0025059) that is the outermost layer of a portion of cortex (PO:0005708).