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Glossary of Plant Anatomy

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degenerate megaspore [PO:0000245; plant anatomy term ]
In monosporic and bisporic megasporogenesis: the megaspore(s) that would not participate in megagametogenesis.

dehiscence zone [PO:0025092; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of plant tissue that is part of a plant structure and consists of a narrow band of cells that undergoes dehiscence upon maturation of the structure.

determinate nodule [PO:0004539; plant anatomy term ]
A root nodule characterized by a dividing infected cells and bacteria, vascular transfer cells absent and cell division is in the outer cortex.

diarch protoxylem [PO:0025559; plant anatomy term ]
A portion of root exarch protoxylem (PO:0025555) tissue in which the primary xylem (PO:0005849) of the root system (PO:0025025) has two protoxylem strands or poles, and differentiation progresses centripetally, with the oldest elements (protoxylem) farthest from the center of the plant axis (PO:0025004).

disk flower [PO:0025332; plant anatomy term ]
A small flower (PO:0009046) in the center of a head-type (capitulum) inflorescence (PO:0009049).