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Plant Ontology Release 1010 (#13) - October 2010

Release Notes Archive

Plant Ontology Release #1010 October 2010

Plant Ontology Database

Summary of changes to the ontologies

Ontology updates

Number of terms:

Total terms (not including obsoletes) 1129
Total children terms in Plant Structure (not including obsoletes) 889
Total children terms in Plant Growth and Development Stages (not including obsoletes) 238

Associations / Annotations

Number of associations/annotations:

Total number of associations 588995
Number of associations NEW 31303
Total number of unique objects (genes, germplasms, QTLs) 46463
Number of unique objects NEW 1448

Number of associations by source database:

Database Associations Total#
TAIR Arabidopsis (mouse-ear cress) 529688
NASC Arabidopsis (mouse-ear cress) 1897
Gramene Oryza sativa (rice) 29878
MaizeGDB Zea mays (maize) 7601
SGN (individual species listed below) 19467
-Anisodus acutangulus 2
-Atropa baetica 4
-Capsicum annuum (pepper) 54
-Coffea arabica (coffee) 8
-Datura strumonium (jimson weed) 3
-Hyoscyamus niger (black henbane) 2
-Lycopersicon esculentum (tomato) 18414
-Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco) 38
-Petunia hybrida (hybrid petunia) 56
-Physalis spp 4
-Solanum insanum/Solanum melongena (eggplant) 868
-Solanum tuberosum (potato) 14

Total number of individual object types by source database:

Database Object Type Object Types Total#
TAIR (Arabidopsis) gene 24682
NASC (Arabidopsis) germplasm 1897
Gramene (rice) gene 1715
Gramene (rice) QTL 8558
MaizeGDB (maize) gene 1006
MaizeGDB (maize) germplasm 3928
SGN gene 174
SGN germplasm 4421

Total number of associations by evidence code:

Evidence Code Associations Total#
IC 18101
IDA 19496
IEP 514063
IMP 32483
ISS 21
NAS 31
TAS 5351

Total number of object types by evidence code:

Object Type Evidence Code Object Type Total#
gene IC 571
gene IDA 16451
gene IEA 1
gene IEP 514063
gene IMP 2427
gene ISS 21
gene NAS 31
gene TAS 5351
QTL IC 17530
QTL IMP 6304
germplasm IMP 23748
germplasm IDA 2585