OSU Researchers release first analysis of complete beaver genome

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The North American beaver’s genetic code has been revealed and will enable scientists to gain insight into beaver populations, disease and where the animal sits on the tree of life.

A team of Oregon State University faculty, staff and students will release the genome sequence for the beaver – the school’s mascot – on Saturday at the annual Plant and Animal Genome Conference in San Diego.

Researchers plan to conduct first analysis of the complete beaver genome

CORVALLIS, Ore.  09/16/2015 – Filbert, a four-year-old beaver born and raised at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, will be the first of his species to have his complete genome sequenced.

Researchers at Oregon State University, whose mascot is the beaver, are planning to analyze a complete set of Filbert’s DNA in order to improve their understanding of how the continent’s largest rodent fills its role as an ecosystem engineer.

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