collective organ part structure

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plant anatomy
exact: órgano colectivo de una parte de la estructura (Spanish)
exact: 集合的器官の部分構造 (Japanese)
A collective plant structure (PO:0025497) composed of two or more cardinal organ parts (PO:0025001) that are part of adjacent plant organs (PO:0009008) and any associated portions of plant tissue (PO:0009007). [source: POC:curators]
A collective organ part structure is composed of parts of multiple organs, but no complete organs. The organ parts are often of the same type but may be of different types. Includes plant structures like a septum (PO:0000030) that consists of the walls of two fused carpels (PO:0009030) or a pseudostem (PO:0025248) that consist of multiple, overlapping leaf sheaths (PO:0020104). Unlike a collective plant organ structure (PO:0025007), a collective organ part structure does not contain any complete plant organs.

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