areole bud

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plant anatomy
exact: areola de la yema (Spanish)
exact: 刺座、アレオール (Japanese)
An axillary vegetative bud (PO:0004712) that is not elongated, in which the vascular leaves (PO:0009025) develop as spine leaves (PO:0025173). [source: ISBN:9780881928501]
Found in Cactaceae. Appears as a cluster of spine leaves (PO:0025173). May be covered in trichomes (PO:0000282). In species with tubercles (PO:0025352), the areole bud is often found at the distal end of the tubercle. The areole bud originates in a leaf axil (PO:0009023) of a leaf that becomes a tubercle but is displaced to the tip of a tubercle through elongation of the tubercle.

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