portion of transmitting tissue

Term Information

plant anatomy
related: transmitting tract
narrow: Poaceae transmitting tissue
exact: porción del tejido de transmisión (Spanish)
exact: 伝達組織の一部 (Japanese)
alt_id: PO:0006499
A portion of ground tissue in the style of a carpel through which a pollen tube grows; it connects a stigma and the inside of an ovary. [source: GR:Pankaj_Jaiswal, ISBN:0080374913]
If you are annotating to this structure for Zea mays or other grasses, please also add an annotation to the corresponding floret type. Choose the most specific term possible from: spikelet floret (PO:0009082), ear floret (PO:0006354), upper floret of pedicellate spikelet of ear (PO:0006350), upper floret of sessile spikelet of ear (PO:0006352).

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