LP.05 five leaves visible stage

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plant structure development stage
related: 02-tassel initiation in maize
related: 04-five leaf stage in sorghum
related: 1.05 4th trifoliolate leaf unfolded in soybean
related: 2 tassel initiation/early whorl stage in maize
related: 2.06-five leaves unfolded in barley
related: 2.06-five leaves unfolded in oat
related: 2.06-five leaves unfolded in Triticeae
related: 2.06-five leaves unfolded in wheat
related: 4-6 leaves in maize
related: 5 leaves unfolded
related: 5 rosette leaf in Arabidopsis
related: BBCH growth stage 15
related: early whorl stage in maize
related: fifth leaf unfolded
related: five rosette leaves
related: LP.05 five leaves visible in Solanaceae
related: maize growth stage-2
related: rice growth stage-3
related: Sorghum five leaf stage
related: sorghum growth stage-3
related: Stage V4 in soybean
related: tassel differentiation in maize
related: tassel initiation in maize
related: Triticeae five leaves unfolded
related: V5 in maize
related: Zadok scale-15, Haun scale-4.+
The stage at which leaves at five nodes, other than the cotyledonary node, are visible above ground. [source: GR:Anuradha_Pujar]
The leaves can be a single leaf, two, or whorls of leaves at each node.

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