multi-tissue plant structure

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plant anatomy
exact: estructura vegetal con múltiples tejidos (Spanish)
exact: 複数の組織からなる植物構造 (Japanese)
A plant structure (PO:0009011) that has as parts two or more portions of plant tissue (PO:0009007) of at least two different types and which through specific morphogenetic processes forms a single structural unit demarcated by primarily bona-fide boundaries from other structural units of different types. [source: CARO:0000055, POC:curators]
Most multi-tissue plant structures have at least a small connection to other plant structures via a fiat boundary, such as where a leaf (PO:0025034) connects to a shoot axis (PO:0025029), a petal (PO:0009032) connects to a receptacle (PO:0009064), or a branch (PO:0025073) connects to a stem (PO:0009047).

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