root primordium

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plant anatomy
exact: portion of root primordium tissue
exact: primordio de raíz (Spanish)
exact: root primordia
exact: 根原基(可視的) (Japanese)
A primordium (PO:0025127) that develops from a root anlagen (PO:0025433) and is committed to the development of a root (PO:0009005). [source: ISBN:0521288959, POC:curators]
A root primordium may arise from cells of a pericycle (PO:0006203) in a root in most seed plant (pericyclic lateral root primordium; PO:0025492), from cells of an endodermis (PO:0000252) in ferns and some seed plants (non-pericyclic lateral root primordium: PO:0025493), or from cells of a shoot axis (PO:0025029), in the case of a basal root primordium (PO:0025479) or shoot-borne root primordium (PO:0025480). Transition from root primordium to root occurs with the formation of a root cap (PO:0020123), shortly after the development of a root apical meristem (PO:0020147).

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