vascular system

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plant anatomy
exact: 維管束系 (Japanese)
exact: sistema vascular (Spanish)
exact: vasculature
A maximal portion of vascular tissue (PO:0009015) in a whole plant (PO:0000003), collective plant structure (PO:0025497), multi-tissue plant structure (PO:0025496), or cardinal part of multi-tissue plant structure (PO:0025498). [source: ISBN:0471245208, ISBN:0716710072, POC:curators]
A vascular system consist of the totality of the portions of vascular tissue in their specific arrangement in a plant structure. May include other portions of plant tissue or plant cells (PO:0009002) of other types, such as parenchyma (PO:0005421) or fiber cells (PO:0025407).

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