xylem vessel member

Term Information

plant anatomy
exact: miembro de vaso (Spanish)
exact: vessel element
exact: vessel member
exact: vessel segment
exact: 木質部道管状要素 (Japanese)
A tracheary element (PO:0000290) that is part of a xylem vessel (PO:0025417) and has as parts perforation plates. [source: ISBN:0471245208]
Commonly thick walled, with pointed ends and bordered pits that have lenticular to slit-like apertures. If both libriform fibers (PO:0004520) and fiber tracheids are present, the libriform fibers usually have thicker walls. Fiber tracheids have bordered pits with smaller pit cavities than the vessel members (PO:0002003) or tracheids (PO:0000301) of the same wood and a distinct pit cavity leading from the pit cavity to the cell lumen through the thick cell wall.

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