plant embryo globular stage

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plant structure development stage
related: dermatogen stage in Arabidopsis
related: globular stage in Arabidopsis
related: late globular stage in Arabidopsis
related: mid-globular stage in Arabidopsis
A plant embryo development stage (PO:0007631) that occurs during the interval between when a plant embryo proper (PO:0000001) increases in diameter through cell division, but retains radial symmetry (with the concomitant formation of a protoderm (PO:0006210)), and the onset of a plant embryo bilateral stage (PO:0004507). [source: POC:curators, POC:Laurel_Cooper, TAIR:Katica_Ilic]
During the plant embryo globular stage, differentiation of the three main tissue systems (vascular system (PO:0000034); epidermis (PO:0005679); and the portion of ground tissue (PO:0025059)) occurs.

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