plant embryo cotyledonary stage

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plant structure development stage
related: curled cotyledon stage in Arabidopsis
related: torpedo stage in Arabidopsis
alt_id: PO:0001076
A plant embryo development stage (PO:0007631) that occurs during the interval between the beginning of rapid elongation of the plant embryo axis (PO:0019018) and plant embryo cotyledons (PO:0025470), and the onset of a plant embryo true leaf formation stage (PO:0001095), when present, or a mature plant embryo stage (PO:0001081). [source: GO:0016049, GO:0051301, POC:Laurel_Cooper, POC:Ramona_Walls, TAIR:Katica_Ilic]
During this stage, the plant embryo (PO:0009009) continues to undergo a process of developmental growth (as a result of both cell division (GO:0051301) and cell expansion (GO:0016049), which ends with the onset of a mature plant embryo stage (PO:0001081). For species that develop true leaves in the plant embryo, (vascular leaves (PO:0009025) that develop after the cotyledons (PO:0020030) or coleoptile (PO:0020033)), growth may continue in the plant embryo true leaf formation stage (PO:0001095). For other species, the plant embryo transitions directly from a plant embryo cotyledonary stage (PO:0001078) to a mature plant embryo stage (PO:0001081).

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