inflorescence bract

Term Information

plant anatomy
related: corn husk
related: husk
related: husk leaf
narrow: inflorescence bract of ear
narrow: spathe
narrow: squamella
narrow: squamellae
narrow: squamule
alt_id: PO:0006337
exact: bráctea de la inflorescencia (Spanish)
exact: 花序苞 (Japanese)
broad: pale
broad: palea
broad: paleae
broad: paleas
broad: palet
A bract (PO:0009055) subtending a branch of the inflorescence (PO:0009049) or borne on the inflorescence axis (PO:0020122) below any branch (PO:0025073) or flower (PO:0009046). [source: APweb:Glossary]
Includes the leaf subtending and acting as outer envelope of an ear in Zea mays.

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