coleoptile emergence stage

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plant structure development stage
related: 0.3 coleoptile emergence from seed in maize
related: BBCH growth stage 09
A sporophyte vegetative stage (PO:0007134) during which the coleoptile (PO:0020033) emerges from the seed coat (PO:0009088). [source: ISBN:3826331524, POC:curators]
Occurs in Poaceae and some other monocotyledons. May occur simultaneously with coleoptile emergence from the growth medium. The actual point of emergence from the seed coat (PO:0009088) may not be observed if the seed (PO:0009010) is underneath a growth medium. In a fruit (PO:0009001) with a persistent pericarp (PO:0009084), emergence from the seed coat may not be observed. If the fruit is a caryopsis, the dry pericarp is fused with the seed coat, and emergence from the pericarp is simultaneous with emergence from the seed coat. This terms is used only for seed plants.

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