plant embryo true leaf formation stage

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plant structure development stage
A plant embryo development stage (PO:0007631) that occurs during the interval between the beginning of the formation of the first vascular leaf primordium (PO:0000017) in the plant embryo proper (PO:0000001), and the onset of a mature plant embryo stage (PO:0001081). [source: POC:Laurel_Cooper, TAIR:Katica_Ilic]
A true leaf is vascular leaf (PO:0009025) that forms after the formation of the cotyledons (PO:0020030) or a coleoptile (PO:0020033). Not all species form true leaves in the plant embryo development stage (PO:0007631). If it occurs, a plant embryo true leaf formation stage is preceded by either a plant embryo cotyledonary stage (PO:0001078) or a plant embryo coleoptilar stage (PO:0001094), depending upon the species.

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