lateral root

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plant anatomy
exact: raíz lateral (Spanish)
exact: 側根 (Japanese)
A root (PO:0009005) that develops from a lateral root primordium (PO:0000016) that is part of another root on the same plant. [source: ISBN:0521288959, ISRR:Richard_Zobel, POC:curators]
A lateral root primordium may develops on any root, including a primary root (PO:0020127), on an existing lateral root (PO:0020121), or a shoot-borne root (PO:0000042). In seed plants, a lateral root primordium generally develops from pericycle cells (PO:0025261), but cells of an endodermis (PO:0000252) may also participate in its formation in some species. In ferns, lateral root primordia develop from the endodermis.

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