inflorescence emergence stage

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plant structure development stage
related: 06-heading stage in rice
related: 06-inflorescence emergence in barley
related: 06-inflorescence emergence in oat
related: 06-inflorescence emergence in wheat
related: 08-heading in sorghum
related: half bloom in sorghum
related: heading
related: rice growth stage-6
related: sorghum growth stage-7
related: tasseling
An inflorescence detectable phase during which an inflorescence emerges from sheathing leaves or bracts. [source: GR:Anuradha_Pujar, MaizeGDB:ms, POC:curators]
Includes emergence of a Zea mays inflorescence from a flag leaf sheath, following booting. In US cornbelt maize (including B73) the tassel fully emerges about 2-3 days prior to silk emergence from husk leaves. At this time the ear and husk may still be enclosed within its leaf sheath depending on the variety and environmental conditions.

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