vascular leaf

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plant anatomy
related: crozier
related: macrophyll
related: megaphyll
narrow: ascidia
narrow: ascidium
narrow: fiddlehead
narrow: frond
narrow: needle-like leaf
narrow: pitcher
narrow: pitcher blade
narrow: pitcher-blade
narrow: scale-like leaf
narrow: sterile frond
narrow: trophophyll
exact: 維管束のある葉, または維管束植物の葉 (Japanese)
exact: foliage leaf
exact: hoja vascular (Spanish)
exact: leaf, vascular
exact: vascular leaves
A leaf (PO:0025034) in a vascular plant. [source: POC:curators]
Has vascular tissue. From APweb Glossary: In angiosperms, commonly thought of as one of the three basic parts of the seed plant body, a structure usually of determinate growth, without secondary thickening, and of superficial origin, often flattened and photosynthetic in part, and in the axil of which is found a bud. Occurs in the sporophytic phase of a plant life cycle.

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