ventral canal cell

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plant anatomy
A native plant cell (PO:0025606) that develops from the archegonium central cell (PO:0025509), and lies at the base of the archegonium neck (PO:0030039), above the archegonium egg cell (PO:0025122) in the venter (PO:0030038). [source: ISBN:0521794331, PMID:17041880, POC:Laurel_Cooper]
The ventral canal cell is smaller than the archegonium egg cell (PO:0025122), which also develops from the asymmetric division of the archegonium central cell (PO:0025509). It lack a plant-type cell wall (GO:0009505) (ref? ). When the archegonium (PO:0025126) is mature, the ventral canal cell (along with the archegonium neck canal cells; PO:0030065), contributes to the formation of the archegonium neck canal (PO:0030066) by distintegrating and becoming mucilaginous. The canal cells and may produce chemicals to attract the male gamete, the antheridium sperm cells (PO:0025120).

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