cardinal part of multi-tissue plant structure

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plant anatomy
exact: 複数の組織からなる植物構造の基本(主要)部分 (Japanese)
exact: parte cardinal de estructura vegetal con múltiples tejidos (Spanish)
A plant structure (PO:0009011) that is a proper part of a multi-tissue plant structure (PO:0025496) and includes portions of plant tissues (PO:0009007) of at least two different types. [source: POC:curators]
Includes cardinal parts of plant organs (PO:0025001) as well as parts of other multi-tissue plant structures. Cardinal refers to the fact that these are biologically meaningful and not arbitrary parts. Most cardinal parts of multi-tissue plant structures have both fiat and bona-fide boundaries, including parts with large fiat boundaries, such as leaf base (PO:0020040) or fruit distal end (PO:0008001), and parts with primarily bona-fide boundaries, such as leaflet (PO:0020049).

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