cell differentiation stage of secondary xylem

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plant structure development stage
exact: etapa de diferenciació celular del xilema secundario (Spanish)
exact: 二次木部の細胞分化期 (Japanese)
A secondary xylem development stage (PO:0025427) that occurs during the interval between the end of a cell division stage of secondary xylem (PO:0025463) and the death of the last living cell in the secondary xylem. [source: POC:wood_curators]
During a this stage, cells of secondary xylem undergo cell differentiation (GO:0030154), including cell growth (GO:0016049), cell morphogenisis (GO:0000902), or cell death (GO:0008219). Cell death is considered part of differentiation in secondary xylem, because it is an essential part of wood development. This stage succeeds the last cell division in a cell division stage of secondary xylem, even though cell differentiation may begin before all cell division finishes.

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