phyllome marginal meristem

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plant anatomy
exact: フィロム縁分裂細胞 (Japanese)
exact: meristema marginal del filoma (Spanish)
exact: phyllome margin meristem
A portion of meristem (PO:0009013) tissue that is part of a phyllome margin (PO:0025018) of an expanding phyllome (PO:0006001) and has as parts marginal and submarginal initials. [source: POC:curators]
Phyllome marginal meristems may develop on the lateral margins of a phyllome after the transition from a phyllome primordium (PO:0025128) and may contribute to expansion of the phyllome lamina (PO:0025396). Marginal growth can occur in a phyllome primordium, but it is not considered part of a phyllome marginal meristem. Phyllome marginal initials may give rise to phyllome epidermis (PO:0025157) while phyllome submarginal initials may give rise to the mesophyll (PO:0006070). May be of limited duration.

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