vascular leaf adaxial meristem

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plant anatomy
narrow: leaf adaxial rounding meristem
narrow: leaf adaxial unifacial meristem
narrow: leaf ventral meristem
exact: 葉向軸側分裂組織 (Japanese)
A portion of phyllome adaxial meristem (PO:0025400) tissue that is found on the adaxial side of a developing vascular leaf (PO:0009025). [source: ISBN:0521288959, POC:curators]
Contributes to the thickness of a vascular leaf (PO:0009025). There are two types of adaxial meristems. In leaves with a petiole (PO:0020038) and lamina (PO:0025060), such as Arabidopsis thaliana, an adaxial rounding meristem occurs later in development, is separated from the apical meristem (PO:0020144), and contributes to the thickness of the petiole and midrib. In unifacial leaves, the an adaxial unifacial meristem occurs earlier in development, is close to but separate from the apical meristem, and contributes to the thickness and cross-sectional shape of the entire leaf.

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