plant embryo dormant stage

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plant structure development stage
exact: 植物胚休眠期 (Japanese)
broad: embryo dormant stage
A mature plant embryo stage (PO:0001081) during the interval between when a plant embryo (PO:0009009) begins a dormancy process (GO:0022611) and one of the following: the beginning of the seed germination stage (PO:0007057) in seed plants, formation of the first vascular leaf (PO:0009025) in pteridophytes, the beginning of development of a sporangium (PO:0025094) in bryophytes, or the beginning of the formation of a plant organ (PO:0009008) such as a root (PO:0009005), shoot axis (PO:0025029), or vascular leaf (PO:0009025) in a cultured plant embryo (PO:0000010). [source: GO:0022611, POC:curators]
During a plant embryo dormant stage, a plant embryo participates in a dormancy process, but not all plant embryos have a dormant stage. A dormancy process (GO:0022611) is a developmental process in which dormancy (sometimes called a dormant state) is induced, maintained or broken. Dormancy is a suspension of most physiological activity and growth that can be reactivated. In seed plants, a plant embryo dormant stage may be part of a seed dormant stage.

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