leaf apex tendril

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plant anatomy
exact: ápice en zarzillo de la hoja (Spanish)
exact: 葉先巻きひげ (Japanese)
broad: tendril
A leaf apex of a laminar vascular leaf that is slender and coiling. [source: ISBN:9780881928501]
Aids plant in climbing. Found at the apex of a leaf lamina, but the leaf apex tendril is not laminar or it may be a narrow lamina. If the tendril is derived from the terminal leaflet, use the term leaflet tendril (PO:0025362). See also leaf tendril (PO:0025361), leaflet tendril (PO:0025362), branch tendril (PO:0025364), stem apex tendril (PO:0025365), leaf rachis tendril (PO:0025366), and prophyll tendril (PO:0025367). Careful observation is required to correctly classify some tendrils.

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