portion of plant substance

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plant anatomy
exact: porción de sustancia vegetal (Spanish)
exact: 植物を構成する物質の一部 (Japanese)
A portion of organism substance that is or was part of a plant. [source: CARO:0000004, POC:curators]
Refers to portion of organism substance (CARO:0000004) which is defined as: Material anatomical entity in a gaseous, liquid, semisolid or solid state; produced by anatomical structures or derived from inhaled and ingested substances that have been modified by anatomical structures as they pass through the body. For plants, the word "body" refers to a whole plant or part thereof. Can include substances like latex, xylem sap, phloem sap, resin, mucilage, oil, cuticle, cutin, sporopollenin.

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