pollen sperm cell

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plant anatomy
exact: célula espermática polínica (Spanish)
exact: 花粉精子細胞 (Japanese)
A plant sperm cell (PO:0000084) that is part of the pollen (PO:0025281). [source: PMID:20298228, POC:curators]
Pollen sperm cells are structurally simple, usually non-motile cells that may contain a normal complement of cellular organelles, including heritable cytoplasmic organelles such as mitochondria and, in some plants, plastids, but lack a cell wall. In seed plants, pollen sperm cells are usually two in number. In angiosperms, during double fertilization, one fuses with the plant egg cell (PO:0020094) to produce a plant zygote (PO:0000423) while another fuses with the two polar nuclei of the embryo sac central cell (PO:0020090) to give rise to endosperm (PO:0009089). In angiosperms, the pollen sperm cell arises from the generative cell (PO:0020097). In gymnosperms, the pollen sperm cell arises from the body cell (PO:0025525).

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