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plant anatomy
exact: レプトイド、師管組織に相当する細胞群 (Japanese)
exact: leptoid cell
exact: leptoide (Spanish)
A native plant cell (PO:0025606) that resembles in structure the sieve elements (PO:0025406) of vascular plants. [source: ISBN:376821110, ISBN:962073342, POC:Laurel_Cooper]
A carbohydrate and amino acid conducting cell found in bryophytes in axes and leaves in the gametophyte development stage (PO:0028003) and in the seta in the sporophytic phase. Leptoids have no nucleus at maturity. Carbohydrate and amino acid conducting cells in bryophytes range from conducting parenchyma cells that are indistinguishable from other parenchyma cells to 'leptoids sensu strictu' that are structurally comparable to sieve elements in vascular plants, as well as many intermediate forms. The term leptoid is used for cells that are distinguishable from other parenchyma cells, whether they be intermediate or leptoids sensu strictu.

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