spikelet floret

Term Information

plant anatomy
related: spikelet flower
narrow: grass floret
narrow: Poaceae floret
alt_id: PO:0006318
alt_id: PO:0025090
exact: florete de la espiguilla (Spanish)
exact: 小穂小花 (Japanese)
A small flower (PO:0009046) that is part of a spikelet (PO:0009051). [source: PMID:20197291, POC:curators]
A spikelet floret (PO:0009082) is enclosed by one or both the flower bracts (PO:0009034); lemma (PO:0009037) and palea (PO:0009038) and also includes a lodicule (PO:0009036). To describe a floret of the Asteraceae, use ray flower (PO:0025331) or disk flower (PO:0025332). Found in Poaceae, Cyperaceae and other Poales.

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