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plant anatomy
related: inflorescence stem
exact: 花梗(総梗) (Japanese)
exact: pedúnculo (Spanish)
A shoot axis that extends from the last foliage leaf on a stem or branch until the next distal node. [source: ISBN:9781842464229, POC:curators]
In plants with single flowers, the peduncle ends with a flower. In plants with inflorescences, the peduncle is the basal end of the primary inflorescence axis, and it ends where the inflorescence begins to branch. The peduncle marks the axial transition from vegetative to reproductive growth. In branching inflorescences, the second order inflorescence axis from the point at which it leaves the main axis up to the point at which it branches again may be called the second order peduncle. Higher order peduncles are also possible.

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