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plant anatomy
narrow: ament
narrow: anthela
narrow: anthelae
narrow: Asteraceae floret
narrow: bostryches
narrow: bostryx
narrow: capitula
narrow: capitulum
narrow: catkin
narrow: cincinni
narrow: cincinnus
narrow: corymb
narrow: cyathia
narrow: cyathium
narrow: cyme
narrow: cymule
narrow: dichasium
narrow: drepanium
narrow: glome
narrow: glomerule
narrow: head
narrow: helicoid cyme
narrow: monochasium
narrow: panicle
narrow: raceme
narrow: rhipidia
narrow: rhipidium
narrow: scorpioid cyme
narrow: Sorghum cob
narrow: spadices
narrow: spadix
narrow: spike
narrow: thyrse
narrow: Triticeae spike
narrow: umbel
narrow: verticillaster
alt_id: PO:0009048
alt_id: PO:0009050
alt_id: PO:0020088
alt_id: PO:0020111
alt_id: PO:0020112
alt_id: PO:0020113
alt_id: PO:0020114
alt_id: PO:0020115
alt_id: PO:0020116
alt_id: PO:0020117
alt_id: PO:0020118
alt_id: PO:0020119
alt_id: PO:0020120
exact: 花序 (Japanese)
exact: inflorescencia (Spanish)
A reproductive shoot system (PO:0025082) that has as parts all of the shoot axes (PO:0025029) distal to the most distal foliage leaf (PO:0009025) of a shoot axis and all of the flowers (PO:0009046) borne by those axes. Must have two or more flowers as parts. [source: POC:Laurel_Cooper, POC:Ramona_Walls]
Some plants have only solitary flowers, e.g. Magnolia.

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