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plant anatomy
narrow: accessory fruit
narrow: achene
narrow: acorn
narrow: aggregate fruit
narrow: akene
narrow: anthocarp
narrow: berry
narrow: capsule
narrow: caryopsides
narrow: caryopsis
narrow: circumcissile capsule
narrow: citrus fruit
narrow: coenocarp
narrow: cypsela
narrow: diclesia
narrow: diclesium
narrow: diplotegia
narrow: diplotegium
narrow: drupe
narrow: folliceta
narrow: follicetum
narrow: follicle
narrow: fruit
narrow: glandes
narrow: glans
narrow: grain
narrow: hesperidia
narrow: hesperidium
narrow: hip
narrow: kernel
narrow: legume
narrow: loculicidal capsule
narrow: loment
narrow: lomentum
narrow: multiple fruit
narrow: nut
narrow: nutlet
narrow: pepo
narrow: pod
narrow: pome
narrow: poricidal capsule
narrow: pyxides
narrow: pyxis
narrow: samara
narrow: schizocarp
narrow: septicidal capsule
narrow: septifragal capsule
narrow: silicle
narrow: silicula
narrow: siliqua
narrow: silique
narrow: stone fruit
narrow: syconia
narrow: syconium
narrow: syncarp
narrow: utricle
alt_id: PO:0020067
alt_id: PO:0020068
alt_id: PO:0020069
alt_id: PO:0020070
alt_id: PO:0020071
alt_id: PO:0020072
alt_id: PO:0020073
alt_id: PO:0020074
alt_id: PO:0020076
alt_id: PO:0020077
alt_id: PO:0020078
alt_id: PO:0020079
alt_id: PO:0020080
alt_id: PO:0020082
alt_id: PO:0020083
alt_id: PO:0020087
alt_id: PO:0020107
exact: fruto (Spanish)
exact: 果実 (Japanese)
broad: diaspore
A multi-tissue plant structure (PO:0025496) that develops from a gynoecium (PO:0009062) and may have as parts one or more seeds (PO:0009010). [source: POC:curators]
A fruit may contain additional plant structures (PO:0009011) that were part of a flower (PO:0009046) and mature along with the gynoecium, such as a receptacle (PO:0009064). A fruit may develop without fertilization in cases of parthenocarpy, apomixis, or other hormone-induced conditions and may not always contain seeds. Fruits only occur in angiosperms.

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