floral organ meristem development stage

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plant structure development stage
related: stage 1 flower in Arabidopsis
exact: 1 floral meristem visible
A floral organ formation stage (PO:0025585) which begins with the development of the floral organ meristem (PO:0000229) from a portion of meristem tissue (PO:0009013) and ends with the beginning of the floral organ primordium development stage (PO:0007602). [source: PMID:2152125, POC:curators, POC:Laurel_Cooper]
During this stage, the process of floral meristem growth (GO:0010451) occurs. This process is defined as the increase in size or mass of a floral meristem, a population of undifferentiated cells in a plant that gives rise to a flower.

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