seed germination stage

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plant structure development stage
related: 0 germination in maize
related: 0 germination in Solanaceae
related: 0 Germination in soybean
related: 00-germination in maize
related: 01-germination in barley
related: 01-germination in oat
related: 01-germination in rice
related: 01-germination in Triticeae
related: 01-germination in wheat
related: BBCH principal growth stage 0
related: germination in Arabidopsis
related: maize growth stage-0
related: rice growth stage-1
A sporophyte vegetative stage (PO:0007134) which begins with the onset of a seed imbibition stage (PO:0007022) and ends with a radicle emergence stage (PO: 0007015), or a coleorhiza emergence stage (PO:0025475), as a result of the growth by the plant embryo (PO:0004537) in a seed (PO:0009010). [source: GR:Anuradha_Pujar, ISBN:9780471245209, POC:Laurel_Cooper]

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