whole plant inflorescence detectable stage

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plant structure development stage
related: 3 inflorescence visible
related: BBCH principal growth stage 4
related: BBCH principal growth stage 5
narrow: 3 inflorescence visible in Solanaceae
narrow: 4 Inflorescence Formation in soybean
narrow: Poaceae inflorescence visible
alt_id: PO:0007012
A reproductive growth stage during which an inflorescence is detectable. [source: MaizeGDB:Mary_Schaeffer, POC:curators]
This includes the stage when an inflorescence starts to develop (and is detectable only by assay or with a microscope), to the stage where it is visible to the naked eye. This includes the booting stage in the grasses (Poaceae). There is no one-to-one correspondence between some of the phases of inflorescence formation in members of Poaceae (e.g., booting) with that of other families.

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