whole plant fruit formation stage

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plant structure development stage
related: 07-milk stage in rice
related: 08-milk development in barley
related: 08-milk development in oat
related: 08-milk development in wheat
related: 5 fruit formation in Solanaceae
related: 6.01-dilatory in maize
related: 6.02-exponential in maize
related: 6.1 dilatory in maize
related: 6.2 exponential in maize
related: dilatory in maize
related: exponential in maize
related: free nuclear in maize
related: milk grain
related: milk stage in rice
related: mitotic in maize
related: proembryo in maize
related: rice growth stage-7
related: transition stage in maize
related: Zadok scale-70
A whole plant fruit development stage (PO:0025500) that begins when a fruit (PO:0009001) on a whole plant (PO:0000003) that is not currently participating in a whole plant fruit development stage begins a fruit initiation stage (PO:0025503) and ends with the onset of a whole plant fruit ripening stage (PO:0007010). [source: POC:curators]
This term is to be used for a stage of development of a whole plant (PO:0000003). For the stages of development of an individual fruit, see fruit development stage (PO:0001002). An iteroparous plant will only have one fruit formation stage in its life, while a semelparous plant may have multiple whole plant fruit formation stages during its life. In plants with continuous (i.e., indeterminate) fruit development (GO:0010154), new fruits may continue to develop after the first fruit has begun to ripen and the fruit ripening stage of whole plant (PO:0007042) has begun. Although the use of synonyms like "07-milk stage in rice" properly refer to the development of an individual fruits, they are used as here to extrapolate to a whole plant.

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