female archesporial cell

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plant anatomy
narrow: ovule archesporial cell
exact: célula femenina arquesporial (Spanish)
exact: 雌胞原細胞 (Japanese)
exact: female archesporial initial
An archesporial cell (PO:0030056) that is part of a megasporangium (PO:0025201) and divides to give rise to a megasporocyte (PO:0000431). [source: PMID:10465788, POC:curators]
Found in heterosporous ferns and seed plants. May also give rise to sterile cells. In the majority of flowering plants, including Arabidopsis, the female archesporial cell elongates and polarizes longitudinally, and directly differentiates into the megasporocyte or megaspore mother cell. In some flowering plants, it undergoes a periclinal division, and subsequently the inner cell differentiates into the megasporocyte.

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