primary thickening meristem

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plant anatomy
related: meristematic cap
exact: collar meristem
exact: meristema de engrosamiento primario (Spanish)
exact: PTM
exact: 一次 肥厚(膜)分裂組織 (Japanese)
A shoot lateral meristem (PO:0006344) that is part of a shoot axis (PO:0025029) and has a parts multiple layers of meristematic cells (PO:0004010) located near the shoot apical meristem (PO:0020148). [source: ISBN:0471245208, JSTOR:4354165]
Contributes to primary thickening of a shoot axis (PO:0025029), adventitious (shoot-borne) root (PO:0000042) formation, and formation of linkages between shot axis (PO:0000039), leaf (PO:0000036), and root (PO:0003011) vascular systems. Contiguous with the shoot apical meristem (PO:0020148) in some species, but not all. Produces more or less distinct vascular bundles (PO:0005020) surrounded by ground tissue (PO:0025059), as opposed to the more or less continuous xylem (PO:0005352) and phloem (PO:0005417) produced by a vascular cambium (PO:0005598). A primary thickening meristem is a multi-layered structure, compared to the single layer of a cambium. Found in many monocotyledons.

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