flower meristem

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plant anatomy
related: floral apical meristem
narrow: ear floret meristem
narrow: floret meristem
narrow: Poaceae floret meristem
narrow: tassel floret meristem
alt_id: PO:0006329
alt_id: PO:0006373
alt_id: PO:0006374
alt_id: PO:0025091
exact: 花芽分裂組織 (Japanese)
exact: floral meristem
exact: mersitema floral (Spanish)
A portion of reproductive shoot apical meristem tissue (PO:0008028) that gives rise to the floral organs (PO:0025395). [source: GR:Pankaj_Jaiswal, POC:curators]
In Zea mays and other grasses, the floret meristem is part of a spikelet and develops into a specific type of floret. If you are annotating to this structure for Zea mays or other grasses, please also add an annotation to the spikelet type that the meristem is part of. Choose the most specific term possible from: spikelet (PO:0009051), ear spikelet (PO:0006320), ear pedicellate spikelet (PO:0006348), ear sessile spikelet (PO:0006349), tassel spikelet (PO:0006309), tassel pedicellate spikelet (PO:0006312), tassel sessile spikelet (PO:0006311).

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