Plant Ontology Release 1108 (#11) - November 2008

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Plant Ontology Release 1108 November 2008

Plant Ontology Database

Ontology updates

Number of terms:

Total terms 1149
Total children terms in Plant structure 868
New children terms in Plant structure 16
Total children terms in Plant growth and development 279
New children terms in Plant growth and development 5

New children terms in Plant Structure:

PO ID Term name
PO:0008016 vegatative shoot apical meristem
PO:0008028 reproductive shoot apical meristem
PO:0008035 plerome
PO:0008036 periblem
PO:0008037 seedling
PO:0008038 adventitious root primordium
PO:0008039 stem base
PO:0008040 lodicule primordium
PO:0008041 stem internode elongation zone
PO:0008042 stem internode differentiation zone
PO:0008043 floral epidermis
PO:0008044 floral stomatal complex
PO:0008045 floral guard cell
PO:0008046 floral stomatal pore
PO:0008047 scutellar vascular system
PO:0008048 scutellar epithelium

New children terms in Plant Growth and Development Stages:

PO ID Term name
PO:0007039 leaf trichome development stage
PO:0007056 1 pattern formation
PO:0007058 2 endoreduplication
PO:0007059 3 branch formation
PO:0007135 4 growth directionality

Associations / Aannotations

Number of associations/annotations:

Total number of associations 73360
Number of associations NEW 15243
Total number of unique objects (genes, germplasms, QTLs) 27530
Number of unique objects NEW 5481

Number of associations from:

DB Associations Total#
TAIR (Arabidopsis) 20025
NASC (Arabidopsis) 1897
Gramene (rice) 29740
MaizeGDB (maize) 5127
SGN (Capsicum, Hyoscyamus, lycopersicum, tabacum, tuberosum, melongena) 16571

Total number of individual object types by source DB:

DB Object Type Object Types Total#
TAIR (Arabidopsis) gene 7845
NASC (Arabidopsis) germplasm 1897
Gramene (rice) gene 1710
Gramene (rice) QTL 8558
MaizeGDB (maize) gene 3470
SGN gene 43
SGN germplasm 4007

Total number of associations by evidence code:

Evidence Code Associations Total#
IC 17429
IDA 13528
IEP 6478
IMP 35957
NAS 29
TAS 78

Total number of object types by evidence code:

Object Type Evidence Code Object Type Total#
gene IDA 13526
gene IEP 6478
gene IMP 11272
gene NAS 29
gene TAS 78
QTL IC 17429
QTL IMP 6304
germplasm IMP 18381
germplasm IDA 2